Property Maintenance

The vast majority of Silverton property owners do an excellent job of keeping up their property—cutting grass, painting their home when it needs it, keeping the yard free of debris and litter, etc. Most residents take great pride in their property and invest in its upkeep and improvement annually.

A handful of residents, unfortunately, do not do what most of their neighbors do voluntarily. To address the few who don’t have the same level of individual and community pride, the Village enforces the International Property Maintenance Code. Property owners can, under the IPMC, be ordered to cut their grass, fix up their property, paint their house, remove junk and debris, and other remediation steps to resolve the violations. The purpose of this code is to ensure that the few residents who lack the same sense of pride do not negatively impact the rest of the community by spreading blight and decline.

If you see a property that you think does not meet Silverton standards, feel free to call or email Eric Hall, the Code Enforcement Officer at (513) 936-6233 or [email protected].

Silverton, Ohio