Board and Commission Members

The Board of Zoning Appeals has the power and the duty to hear and determine appeals made for exceptions to and variations from the village’s zoning code. Action of the Board is by an affirmative vote of not less than three members. Its decision is final. The Board is composed of five Silverton electors appointed by the Mayor with approval by Council.  The Board of Zoning Appeals meets as necessary. The current membership of the Board is detailed below:

Shirley Hackett-Austin
Greg Hoekzema
Robin Cox
Susy Welsh
Daniel Spittel

The Deer Park Silverton Joint Fire District was created in 1999 through a merger of the City of Silverton and City of Deer Park Fire Departments.  The district was formed in order to enhance fire and life safety services and to eliminate duplication.  It operates as a separate governmental entity from its parent municipal corporations.  Each City appoints four members to the Board of Directors, which serves as the District’s governing body.  Appointments are based upon the following criteria: one citizen representative, one business representative, one Council representative and each municipality’s respective safety director.  The Board of Directors meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.  The schedule is February, April, June, August, October and December.  The current composition of the Board is detailed below:

Mark Feldhaus – Deer Park Council Representative
B.J. Jetter – Deer Park Safety Director
Don Kincaid – Silverton Citizen Representative
Frank Maupin – Deer Park Citizen Representative
Fred Gunnels – Silverton Business Representative
Britt Born – Silverton Council Representative
Jack Cameron – Silverton Village Manager
Steve Imhoff – Deer Park Business Representative

The Planning Commission is vested with the power of adopting and from time to amending the village’s land use plan. It sets public hearings to consider all petitions for amendment to the municipal zoning plan, reporting its recommendations to Village Council for ratification. Council may adopt Planning Commission recommendations by a majority vote. The Commission is comprised of five members, one of whom shall be a member of Council. The second shall be the Mayor who shall serve in an ex-officio capacity. The remaining three shall be electors of the village appointed by the Mayor with the approval of City Council. The Commission meets as needed. The Planning Commission currently consists fo the following members:

Dottie Williams
John Smith (Ex-officio)
Rebecca Hain
Jeffrey Thein
Brian Young

The Tax Review Board serves as the mediator/arbitrator of disputes between the Income Tax Administrator and tax payers.  The Board meets as needed.  The current composition of the Board is detailed below:

Daniel Spittel
Robin Cox
Rob Schmuelling

The Parks, Art, Trees and Culture Committee (PACT Com) serves as an advisory committee to Council on cultural activities, special events, Silverton’s Art in Public Places program, capital and facility needs of Silverton’s parks and green spaces, urban forestry needs and tree maintenance matters.  Membership of the Committee includes the following individuals:

Brian Bitzer
Britt Born
Shirley Hackett-Austin
Nolan Jason (Vice-Chair)
Sandy Matey
Brian O’Neil
Rob Schmuelling
Idella Thompson (Chair)
Franklin Wilson
Jack Cameron (Ex-officio)

Silverton, Ohio