About Silverton

Image of Silverton Station

Silverton was first incorporated in March of 1905, but it had been a train and railroad stop associated with Cincinnati for many years prior. Originally an outlying farm community settled in 1809, Silverton is today an inner ring suburb of the City of Cincinnati.

Demographers tell us people are returning to our central cities to reduce commuting time and be part of vibrant neighborhoods. People want and expect diversity where they live, especially those who have come of age in the last decade. Walkable communities are highly desirable, and mixing businesses with residential living is en vogue at every planning student’s design charrette. Focus groups tell us that people want the unique instead of chain stores and businesses.

These trends bode well for Silverton. This community is the most racially integrated community in the region, a place that was inclusive well before it became expected that it be so. Silverton is fifteen minutes from downtown, ten minutes from uptown, and three minutes from Kenwood Mall. Homes here are well-built and have character, ranging from the cute Cape Cod to bungalow-style to the Victorian. While our homes are made from durable materials that are no longer affordable in our commoditized homebuilding world, they are nevertheless quite affordable for working families. Montgomery Road traverses Silverton, providing a commercial stream easily accessed on foot from many residential tributary streets. Silverton has unique businesses that are regional brands, such as Meier’s Winery, the BMW store, and HJ Benkens Florists.   Silverton is, in a word, authentic.

Silverton has a perfect combination of community characteristics. It is diverse, inclusive, safe, authentic, convenient, accessible, and affordable. Please visit our community in person to find out why our region’s largest village is a great place to call home.


Silverton, Ohio