Garbage Collection

How often is my trash picked up? Will it be picked up on the holiday?
Silverton contracts with Rumpke Waste Services for household waste pickup. Residential garbage is collected once per week. Trash will be picked up as scheduled on all holidays except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If the regularly scheduled pickup day is Christmas or New Year’s, trash will be picked up the following day. Collections on these occasions shall be the day following the holiday. By way of illustration, if Christmas falls on a Monday, then all collections are delayed one day and collections will occur Tuesday through Saturday. If Christmas falls on a Wednesday, then collections of trash on Monday and Tuesday are unchanged, but collections of trash from Wednesday through Friday shall instead be made on Thursday through Saturday, respectively.

All waste must be contained in cans 35 gallons or less with lids. Garbage bags must be used, and trash cannot exceed 75 pounds in weight. Please do not place cans at the curb before dusk the evening prior to collection day. Cans must be retrieved from the street in a timely fashion.

I have an excessively large amount of trash and/or large trash items that I need to get rid of. What should I do?

Trash pickup includes all waste and trash, oversized objects, water heaters, furniture, and hard objects. All mattresses and box springs must be wrapped in plastic when disposing. For information on how to get rid of hazardous items please visit: http://www.hcdoes.org. If you have an excessive amount of trash that needs to be picked up, please call Rumpke before collection day so that they can prepare for a bigger collection.

How do I sign up for recycling?

Bi-weekly recycling is included in your waste collection bill. All Silverton residences should have a recycling cart provided to them by Rumpke. For questions about a cart or the pick up schedule, please call Rumpke at 513-742-2900.


What are the Town Hall’s hours and location?
The Silverton Town Hall is located at:
6943 Montgomery Road
Silverton, OH 45236

Normal business hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm.

How do I contact the Village Manager?
The Village Manager can be reached by phone or email. You are also welcome to stop by the Municipal Building during normal office hours.

When does Mayor’s Court begin?
Mayor’s Court is normally scheduled for the first and third Wednesday of each month. Court begins promptly at 4:00pm. Mayor’s Court is held in the Council Chambers of the Silverton Town Hall, located at 6943 Montgomery Road, Silverton Ohio 45236.

How do I make suggestions to the village?
There are various ways to make suggestions to the village. Residents are welcome to visit the Silverton Municipal Building during business hours to discuss their concerns. They can also call 513-936-6240.

How do I rent the shelter at Ficke Park?
Shelter reservations must be made in person by a resident of Silverton at the Silverton Town Hall. Applications are then submitted to the Village Manager for approval. To check availability, please call 513-936-6240. The rental fee is $100 and a credit card number must be on file for a refundable security deposit. The fee must be paid in order to secure your reservation. Please note that the resident renting the park must be in attendance at the event. Ficke Park features include two grills, two half-court basketball courts, a tennis court, a batting cage, restrooms, and seating for up to 80 guests.

How do I obtain a permit?
Building and Zoning permit applications are available at Village Hall, or online under the “Documents & Forms” section. Completed applications should be dropped off to the Clerk’s Office during regular office hours. A deposit will be required when the permit application is dropped off. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the type of permit being applied for. The Village of Silverton accepts Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Personal and Business checks.

What do I need a permit for?

  • All new construction
  • Home additions
  • Home alterations
  • Alterations involving structural members
  • Garages, carports, and other accessory structures (sheds, etc.)
  • Fences and decks
  • Fire damage repairs of any nature
  • Demolition
  • Moving buildings
  • Swimming pools
  • New or replacement furnaces, air conditioners
  • New or alteration or additions to an existing plumbing installation
  • New or alteration or additions to an existing electrical installation
  • Antennas (cell towers)
  • Change or use of occupancy (e.g. from an office to a retail use)
  • All roofing/reroofing except (second layer on existing single family homes)
  • New or alterations to slabs, steps, sidewalk, driveways, driveway extensions
  • New or replacement building mechanical service equipment
  • Tents
  • Signs

If you have a question about whether you need a permit or not, feel free to call the Village Manager at (513) 792-6560.

Property Maintenance & Public Works
Who are the utility providers for Silverton?
Silverton’s utility providers are the Greater Cincinnati Water Works for water service, the Metropolitan Sewer District for sanitary sewerage, Rumpke Waste for solid waste and subscription recycling pickup, and Duke Energy for electric & gas.

I am going on vacation and can’t find anyone to cut my grass while I am away. Who do I contact so that I will not get a property maintenance violation?
Please contact Eric Hall at 513-936-6233.

Who do I call if I have a complaint about my neighbor’s property maintenance?
If you see any property either in the Business District or in the residential area that is not being maintained (high grass, junk, building needs repairing, etc) please contact the Property Code Enforcement Officer, Eric Hall at 513-936-6233 or email him at [email protected]. If the property warrants inspection, Mr. Hall, will visually inspect the property before taking actions to notify the owner.

How do I get rid of junk cars?
The village is not responsible for getting rid of junk cars. Please call a junk car pickup service.

There is a stray animal on my property or in my house. Who should I call?
Wild or stray animals can be taken care of by calling Hamilton County Animal Control Services or Cincinnati Wildlife Control.

The street sewer is backed up and water is entering my home. Who do I contact?
Please contact Jason Webber at 513-936-6235. If it is a sanitary sewerage backup, please contact the Metropolitan Sewer District.

I am a new resident in Silverton, what should I know about taxes?
The Village of Silverton has a local income tax on earned income. All new residents are required to submit a tax registration form, which can be found online at silvertonohio.us or picked up at the Municipal Building. We utilize the services of The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) to collect, and enforce Silverton’s income tax laws.

Who should file taxes?
All resident individuals 18 or older who have earned income, even if no tax is due.

When should I file my taxes?
The process to start filing taxes can begin the end of the year (after you receive your w2) for that particular year or after you have your Federal taxes completed. Taxes must be completely filed and submitted by the tax deadline date in April.

How do I file taxes?
The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) serves as the administrator for the filing and payment of Silverton earnings tax.  They can be reached via toll free number 800-860-7482, at 614-538-0512. There are two ways to file your taxes:

• Visit www.ritaohio.com to file electronically. The RITA E-File is quick, easy, and secure!
• If you are filing a paper return, you are required to submit the following forms if applicable to your reported income: w-2, 1099s, Front page of Federal 1040, Federal schedule C, E, F, K-1, Federal form 2106 Federal form 3903. Send tax forms to: RITA, P.O. Box 477900, Broadview Heights Ohio 44147-7900.

Payments may also be made online and mailed to the address above.

If I work outside of Silverton but am a Silverton resident, do I still have to pay taxes for Silverton?
Yes, all Silverton residents who have earned income inside or outside of Silverton must file and pay taxes. Silverton does not provide reciprocity credit for taxes paid by residents to another municipality.

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