Village Manager

Office of the Village Manager
6943 Montgomery Road
Silverton, OH 45236
Office (513) 936-6240
FAX (513) 996-0026

Jack Cameron, Village Manager

[email protected]

The Village Manager is appointed by the Mayor and Village Council, and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and head of the administrator for Silverton. The manager’s primary job duties are to: manage the day to day operations of the municipal organization, supervise all village employees, negotiate and oversee municipal contracts, prepare the annual budget and capital program, enforce laws and ordinances, and implement Council’s policy direction. The Village Manager is a driver for organizational improvement, and assists City Council through the proposal of policy measures and initiatives for its consideration.


Office of the Village Clerk
6943 Montgomery Road
Silverton, OH 45236
Office (513) 792-6561
FAX (513) 996-0026Meredith George, Clerk of Council[email protected]The Village Clerk is appointed by the Village Manager and as a liaison between Council, Boards and Commission, staff, and citizens.  The Clerk serves as the Village’s records custodian and provides timely, accurate information and resources impartially and neutrally.
 Bryan Pacheco, Village Solicitor


Silverton, Ohio