Building and Zoning Permits

One of the most unobserved and taken-for-granted ways in which we in America are kept safe is through the strict enforcement of building codes. But if you follow the news in too many other parts of the world, you will see that one of the greatest causes of death in a natural disaster is building failure. Even minor earthquakes or wind storms can cause staggering numbers of fatalities in places around the globe because buildings fall over, catch on fire, or otherwise fail. The difference between the news in these parts of the world and here is largely building codes.

Silverton enforces building codes to protect you. We make sure that the building is built right, that the deck will not collapse, that the electric work is done right, and that your heating and cooling system is installed safely. Nobody likes to wait for a permit, but a permit ensuring your building is done right should give you peace of mind. Nobody likes to be told they can’t build something, but these codes are written with your safety in mind.

Silverton contracts with the National Inspection Corporation to enforce our building and electrical codes. To find out if you need a permit, please call them at: (888) 433-4642.

To download a building and zoning permit application, click here.

For a sidewalk or driveway apron permit, Sidewalk Driveway Permit Application

Silverton Bldg-Zoning Application
Silverton Bldg-Zoning Application
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Silverton, Ohio