Natural Gas & Electric Aggregation Program

Silverton Approval

In 2014, Silverton voters approved to establish government energy programs for residents as an alternative to the energy options are available through Duke Energy and other suppliers.

Energy Alliances is the Village of Silverton’s energy consultant. For information about Silverton’s aggregation program, including questions about enrollment, please click here.

Energy Aggregation

Energy aggregation occurs when a group of energy consumers unite to make collective energy purchasing decisions. Customers have more “buying power” to secure competitive electricity or natural gas prices when they are part of a larger group.

Program Supplier Rates & Contact Information

Electric Program Information

  • Supplier: Energy Harbor
  • Term ends: April 2025
  • Rate: Fixed Rate of $0.0753/kWh
  • Supplier Phone Number: 866-636-3749

Natural Gas Program Information

  • Supplier: IGS Energy
  • Term ends: September 2024
  • Rate: Fixed Rate of $0.844/Ccf
  • Supplier Phone Number: 877-353-0162

There are no early termination fees for leaving either the electric or natural gas program early.

For more information regarding government aggregation programs in Ohio, click here.

Silverton, Ohio