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SORTA Bringing New Service to Cincinnati – Make Your Voice Heard

SORTA/Metro Looking for Input from Silverton Residents!

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Bus rapid transit, or BRT, is a bold, new form of transit that combines the fast and efficient qualities of rail transit with the flexibility of traditional bus service. The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) is working to bring BRT to Cincinnati through their Reinventing Metro plan that began in 2020. Currently, SORTA/Metro is conducting an in-depth study looking at four potential corridors to determine which two will initially be selected for BRT service.

BRT differs from traditional bus service in a few ways. It significantly reduces travel times through frequent service, limited stops, smart traffic signals, and dedicated bus lanes where possible. By streamlining boarding and exiting processes, BRT also improves the riding experience. With BRT, patrons pay before boarding and can enter and exit from any door.

SORTA/Metro has identified four corridors through the Reinventing Metro plan development process: Glenway Avenue, Hamilton Avenue, Reading Road, and Montgomery Road. These corridors are some of Metro’s most popular routes, and they are all current possible alternatives for introducing BRT to the region. Throughout this study, Metro will determine which two will initially receive BRT service, and the plan is to then expand BRT into other corridors in the future.

BRT impacts communities in a large-scale way, beyond simply providing transit. Certainly, this elevated bus service will help passengers get to jobs, school, and leisure destinations more quickly and comfortably, but the impact goes deeper. BRT is a proven driver of economic growth. More than 40 other cities, such as Columbus, Indianapolis, and Cleveland, have implemented BRT systems, and the BRT corridors attract new development and jobs, affordable housing, and revitalization. Additionally, BRT buses and stations are accessible. They offer same-level entry to accommodate items like wheelchairs, mobility scooters, bicycles, and strollers.

For those who will use BRT, the system offers frequent service, every 10-15 minutes, as well as late night and weekend service. Stops are typically spaced about a half mile apart to increase efficiency. The buses are larger with more room, and they typically offer Wi-Fi and charging ports. Fully accessible stations provide real-time display boards that show when the next bus will arrive, and paid-in-advance fares streamline boarding and decrease wait times.

Through their ongoing study, the project team is analyzing each corridor and its ability to attract riders, improve transit speed and enhance transportation network connectivity. They are also evaluating the ability of each corridor to provide equitable access, support the installation and operation of the advanced BRT infrastructure and support economic development opportunities.

Public input is important to SORTA/Metro, especially on this BRT study. The project team has hosted several public meetings, and more public input opportunities continue to be added. Please visit our website to learn more about the public meetings and to take the online survey. The project team needs your input, so please make sure your voice is heard on this important project.

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